Storage Facility Management

Storage Facility Management

We are ready to support our customers with:

  • Setting up client in-house storage capacity for daily use or for transit storage, before samples are shipped further to our site
  • Upgrading existing storage capacity, by replacing old equipment or increasing storage capacity.
  • Qualification/Validation of upgraded or new storage equipment.
  • Installation of sufficient alarm monitoring systems.
  • Establishing a quality management system for storage and monitoring facilities.

Storage Environment Qualification

Our Clients may have storage units, newly installed, or existing, such as:

  • Refrigerators or cold rooms
  • Freezers or freezing rooms
  • Climatic chambers and Incubators
  • Ambient storage rooms
  • Office and Archive environment

Our Team will offer you the following services:

  • Status study: a basic mapping of the environment inside and around the storage unit.
  • Risk analysis: Operational mapping, to help eliminate potential risks and introduce preventive maintenance routines.
  • Climatic chambers and Incubators
  • Complete qualification or re-qualification of the storage unit/environment, to achieve the necessary compliance of validation.
  • All activities documented and reported to cGMP comlpliance.