Disaster Recovery Storage

Disaster Recovery Storage

We are aware of the potential need for a Disaster Recovery Plan in the unfortunate situation of risking your samples/products being at risk. We can support you to create a solid Contingency Plan, including our special service “Disaster Recovery Storage”. Our team can be at site within 2-4 hours from call-out (applicable for the Scandinavian Medicon Valley Region). The team will prepare the right packaging and temperature conditions, to transport the collected material to our facility in Lund/Sweden..

How it works:

Together with our customer, we analyze the need of a back-up storage capacity. Based on agreed results of the analysis, we present a low cost standby contract. Additional charge is applicable only if emergency storage is needed (minimum of one week storage charge). We guarantee to have the agreed storage space available to host samples using our standard equipment, or customer- dedicated.

In the case of a disaster at the customers site, we initiate the agreed rescue plan according to the contract, and follow the instructions in our Quality System, to collect and transport the samples/materials to our facility. Samples from abroad will be shipped to our facility by our transport partner, following the same Operating Procedures. At any time, the customer can retrieve the samples and we will be happy to arrange for the transportation.

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