Successfully completed new share issue in Birka BioStorage

Successfully completed new share issue in Birka BioStorage
March 7, 2014 admin

Birka BioStorage announces receiving new investment capital to secure its operational stability during the next two years.

Birka BioStorage AB announced today that its new share issue of up to 10 % of total shares with pre-emptive right for the existing shareholders has been completed and approved by its general meeting on Friday March 14.

The company closed 2013, as its second operational year, by increasing its client base by 10 new clients and its storage occupational rate (SOR) by 15% of total capacity. Birka´s site in Lund is now serving five different clinical trials, three R&D- and three manufacturing projects.

In addition, the company signed a strategic and long term service agreement with the first Finnish biotech client on Friday March 14.

Ali Ismail (CEO): “the strong market growth and the level of confidence we achieved toward our clients in 2013, have increased the interest for additional investment in Birka by existing shareholders. We have secured our financial stability and now focus on new development plans for the business, mainly penetrating all Scandinavian countries”.

For further information about investment opportunities and our services, please contact us by:
Tel (24/7): +46(0)46 540 39 30, or

About Birka BioStorage

Birka BioStorage is the main natural Scandinavian cGMP certified repository for the storage of crucial biological and pharmaceutical material such as cell banks, API & drug products, clinical trial product samples, reference material, stem cells and project documents.
Our mission is to give our clients the continuous 24/7/365 storage and logistic support they need in order to be able to focus on their own core business.
We offer cost efficient storage and stability storage at various conditions such as ambient, cold, freezing to below -150°C.
We collect and distribute samples from any place to any place on the globe.

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