Birka BioStorage is trusted with virtually priceless assets

Birka BioStorage is trusted with virtually priceless assets
April 20, 2013 admin

as published in Näringsliv 2013-4/Life Science

Birka BioStorage takes responsibility for the clients’ most precious assets in the form of biological samples. Adequate storage is essential to protect all biological materials, whatever the purpose of the studies connected to them. Biological samples are used in everything from pharmaceutical development to building gene banks. Certain samples may prove useful after several years for a particular study, often with a completely different direction than what was originally intended. That is why it is important that the material is handled and stored with care.

Birka BioStorage offers a full range of services based on fully inspected and certified storage of biological and non-biological materials. The company offers services connected to cell banks and clones, API and drug development, Reference and retention samples, Clinical trial product samples, Family cord blood banking, Valuable documentation scan and archive, Stem cells and Gene banks, Stability storage, Disaster recovery backup and Storage facility management.
“Our line of business requires responsibility above anything else, thus everyone who works here is also a partner in the business ownership. Customers trust us with their most important and valuable resources. Their very existence may well be dependent on the materials that we store. This type of work requires a certain kind of motivation and engagement”, says Ali Ismail, proud Founder of Birka BioStorage.

The importance of adequate storage
With advanced surveillance systems and access to the latest technology, Birka BioStorage manages and stores samples with permission from the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket).
A well-functioning freezer can be almost priceless. All equipment is thoroughly tested and serviced regularly, as well as covered by advanced backup routines around the clock. Everything is carefully documented.
“In many successful studies, the results have been discarded only because the samples were not stored correctly. In drug development, it is particularly important to use carefully annotated samples and documented results, where it is possible to go back and investigate how a particular sample has been stored at a certain time. If traceability or storage does not measure up to standards, large capital investments may be lost. I have seen it happen”, explains Ali Ismail.

Providing opportunities for long-term growth
Ali Ismail reveals that in addition to storage of samples Birka BioStorage also manages Bio banks, which is regulated by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). Bio banks are checked very carefully and authorities demand full transparency at all times.
“We take the ultimate responsibility for our clients’ biological material, including all handling, storing, moving and eventual disposal of the samples. For the client, this service entails a safe distance from the samples, with better opportunities to focus on their core business activities”.
Samples can become more valuable over time. Birka BioStorage has a high awareness and knowledge of the value of R&D samples, both today and tomorrow. The company provides its customers the opportunity to take advantage of its own assets, i.e. the biological samples, hence increasing the value of the business and being able to create long-term growth.