Birka BioStorage starts the expansion of its site in Lund – Sweden.

Birka BioStorage starts the expansion of its site in Lund – Sweden.
October 27, 2022 Birka
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Birka BioStorage AB is planning to double its storage capacity during 2023. The Company´s Management has approved the plan to start the project which includes the construction of a new 1200 sqm building to host different types of GMP storage capacities, including new services, such as aliquoting, sample analysis and clinical material preparation.

Hussein Ismail, CEO of Birka BioStorage:

“This is a part of our organic growth, and the increasing range of customers, asking us to develop and enhance our service portfolio, while Birka is becoming the naturally embedded part of their projects’ foundation”.

The new building will be integrated to the existing site infrastructure and will be ready for operations during Q4 2023. In parallel, Birka BioStorage is also setting up a new solar park starting with a 0.25 Megawatts capacity, solely dedicated for power sourcing and surveillance.

For further information please contact:
Hussein Ismail, CEO and Vice President, Birka BioStorage AB T: +46 46 540 39 30

About Birka BioStorage: Birka BioStorage is the largest GMP certified repository in Europe for the storage of crucial biological and pharmaceutical material such as cell banks, API & drug products, clinical trial product samples, reference material, stem cells and biobanks. Our mission is to give our clients the continuous 24/7/365 storage and logistic support they need in order to be able to focus on their own core business. We offer cost efficient storage and stability storage at various conditions such as ambient, cold, freezing to below -150°C. We collect and distribute samples from any place to any place on the globe.