Birka BioStorage finalizes plan for the site location

Birka BioStorage finalizes plan for the site location
November 3, 2017 admin

The Swedish biorepository, Birka BioStorage will be expanding to a new location within the strategic area of the future Science Village of Lund, Sweden, during 2018. The company has appointed Hussein Ismail as the Managing Director from 1 of April 2018.

Lund, Sweden – 3 November 2017 – Five years after receiving its first customer, Birka BioStorage announces its plans to relocate the business to a new location in the city of Lund, Sweden. Agreement has been settled with the owner of the property, Bjornstorps & Svenstorps Godsforvaltning, represented by Mr. Axel Gyllenkrok, to invest in the construction of the facilities and the customized infrastructure. Additional investment agreement has been settled with current private investor Mrs. Ebba Fischer, to finance the infrastructure of the new site.

In the new site, drug and research samples will be stored in chambers of up to 30 cubic meters. The new site is located 500 meters from one of the world’s leading Big Science facilities, the ESS Compound (European Spallation Source). Initially, 1200 m2 will be made ready to accommodate samples during the first five years of operation. Birka BioStorage is planning to increase its services, by adding specific analytical services and storage technique research. The site will include production units for liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice.

Birka BioStorage stores and distributes samples primarily for pharmaceutical companies. Among the customers are A1M Pharma, Danish Symphogen, BioGaia, Active Biotech, Idogen and Camurus. Two Finnish customers have recently been added: Herantis Pharma and Valo Therapeutics.

Ali Ismail (CEO): Birka have been serving 50 customers during the past 5 years. We have been making big difference in our customers´ projects, in terms of secure logistics and time saving. This is the step where we take the business to the next level.